Recital Information

Rehearsal Date: Wednesday June 6th, 2018 • 4:00 PM


Rehearsal Schedule / Call Times: COMING SOON


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Recital: Show A – 6:00 PM Friday June 8, 2018 • Show B – 5:00 PM Saturday June 9, 2018


Recital Show Order: COMING SOON


Recital Parent Info: COMING SOON


Recital Fee (includes 2 tickets): $50 per student


Costume Fee: $70 per costume (includes hair pieces and accessories)


Additional Info: Dancers do not need tickets (they’re a part of the show). Additional tickets may be purchased at $8 each


Location: Allen ISD Performing Arts Center – 300 Rivercrest Blvd. Allen, TX 75002


*Please note if you are taking a Pre / Combo class, the instructor will choose what style the student will perform at the Recital (they will do one dance)

Important Rehearsal Notes

See schedule for your child’s time slot. Please arrive 20 minutes early, dressed and ready to perform. The student will do one run through on stage. Please allow for extra time. Rehearsals are setup to help work out all the kinks. You may want to bring water and a snack. After the student has rehearsed, they’re free to leave.

Important Recital Notes

Please arrive 30 minutes before the show starts, dressed and ready to perform. Escort your child to the waiting room five dance numbers before they’re set to go on stage. We will run the dance number for each group one time. We will not be able to go back if a student is late. After your child performs, we will take them back to the waiting room where you will come pick them up.

Simple High Ponytail with a Poof

Classic Ballet Bun

Quick and Easy Stage Makeup for Recital

Each instructor will choose the following for each class

(you may need to purchase items if you do not have them already):

Face powder • Eye shadow • Eye liner • Mascara

Blush • Lips • Hair • Shoes • Tights