Interested In Company?

Company Overview

Competition Dance Company – or simply “Company” – is designed for the student that demonstrates a vibrant and dedicated desire to study dance more intensively. In addition to elevating their artistry as a dancer, the student will be given the necessary tools to build greater strength and hone their technique, all while being energetically led to perform, compete and work together with others in a team environment.


All Company students will be challenged and encouraged to grow through a committed practice and performance schedule. In doing so, the student will increase in confidence, expand their range of learning, and improve in executing dynamically choreographed routines that showcase their passion and love for dance at a competitive level.




  • Must maintain an excellent attitude toward instructors, respond promptly and politely when called upon or spoken to, and treat all other studio students and Company members with respect at all times
  • Must attend all practices and classes (only 3 excused absences permitted per semester)
  • Must be on time and in proper Company Dance Wear (no jewelry)
  • Must treat the studio space with respect, including keeping the hallways clean and free from debris
  • Hair must be worn back in a bun for Ballet and out of face for all other classes


Petite Stars (ages 5-7)

Beginner Stars (ages 8-10)

Jr. Stars (ages 11-12)

Teen Stars (ages 13+)

Radiant Stars (ages 13+)


  1. Petite Company members must take 1 Ballet class, 1 elective + 2 weekly practices
  2. Beg. • Jr. • Teen Company members must take 2 Ballet classes, 1 Jazz class, 1 elective + 2 weekly practices
  3. Radiant Company members must take 2 Ballet classes, 1 Jazz class, 1 elective + 2 weekly practices


Auditions required • Company commitments = 1 year (contract must be signed)

All Competitions, Conventions, Costumes & Company Dance Wear require additional fees / deadlines (TBA)


Company Tuition:

Petite Stars – $175 /mo

Beginner Stars, Jr. Stars, Teen Stars – $235 / mo

Radiant Stars – $255 /mo

*Family discounts or prorations do not apply to Company Tuition


Specialty Dances (solos, duets and trios) are welcome at most Competitions. Fees for specialty dance numbers are separate from other Competition related entry fees and dancers will require private lessons, extra practice and separate Costume orders.


Transportation – please note – most Competitions will take us outside of our city. Examples include, but are not limited to, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, etc.


Fees – entry fees for Competition typically range from $40 – 150 per student. There are (typically throughout the dance calendar year) prompt deadlines associated with collecting all Competition fees, placing Costume orders, purchasing Dance Wear items, etc. All deadlines and costs will be announced accordingly. If fees are not paid on time, items will not be ordered for the student. Once we have collected all on-time payments, we will inform you of the specific Competition date, time and location (as quickly as we are provided that information).